Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bass Street Petition

Short Week this week folks.
If you haven't seen it or signed it yet, here's a petition to keep Bass Street safe.


(If the link doesn't work, copy paste this):

What's Bass Street? Its a street in the West End that Ainbinder wants to connect to the feeder road going in along I-10 to encourage an additional entrance and exit to the development from the feeder road. Here's a map of the area:

Bass Street is represented on this map by the thin green line.  While not 100% to scale, it mostly is, because the street is roughly 16 ft wide presently. As you may also be able to tell, there are a number of Houses in the vicinity and along the proposed entry route to the Northern portion of the development. These are represented by the word 'Houses' and the Red Lines pointing to them on the map above.

But what  happens if you double the size of the street (about 35' wide) to make it bigger for more access? Totally safe, right?

Au contraire kids. Not only do you have more cars coming through nearer to the houses (See Map Above), you also get trucks trying to make deliveries. This is kind of a dumb idea because it creates an 'arc of doom'. Here's what I mean: 

As you can clearly see, if a Car is parked in the lane going to make a right onto the feeder road (obviously to chase after the other car), then your car will get run over by the truck making the right turn, resulting in the 'Arc of Doom'. Even if it does have armor, machine guns, and spikey things coming out of your wheels, you're still screwed because 18 wheelers are bigger than you and your Honda. 

Hence, please sign the petition, and have a great holiday weekend.

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