Friday, October 29, 2010

NorthCross Walmart (Austin) Opened - Has Big Brown Bricks

NorthCross Walmart, the one that's also had some community controversy surrounding it, opened recently in Austin.  The full story is here.

It is brown.

It has big brown bricks.

Look Familiar

You can decide ... 

Beyond that, its important to note this tidbit of the article:

In a statement Monday, Jason Meeker, the spokesman for RG4N, as it is known, said the group is working to build lines of communication with the store manager "to address unresolved community concerns about traffic, truck routes, crime and disabled access."

Four years and two lawsuits later, and there are still concerns about some of the same things that this community has brought up ... Traffic, Truck Routes, Crime ... That tells me that we have got a lot of work to do here in Houston. 


  1. How aristocratic, if not, hideously snobbish of you to suggest that if a Wal-Mart goes up, automatically crime increases. And you get that from posting so called facts.

    What's funny is that liberals like yourself gripe and complain about the economy, and then when a company wants to open and do business in your neighborhood and provide needed jobs, you turn your noses up because it's not Macy's, Sakowitz, or Saks Fifth Avenue.


  2. Love the thumbed down sarcasm. Apparently, you only want to read parts of the blog, or come in on just a bit of the discussion, and comment there. Totally fine!

    If you've read down on lots of this, then you'd see where this stuff has been addressed in other posts, but its ok ... I can't force you to be a consumer.

    That said, I don't see you posting 'facts' in support of anything ... I don't even see you really, because you're 'anonymous' ... To quote 'anonymous' ... typical.

  3. perhaps I don't want a username just to respond to a post of yours? Ever thought it was a choice of convenience and not cowardice as you are trying to allude to here?

    Bottom line is this, you don't want the WalMart there, and that is evident from all your posts here and on your other site that this crap is posted on. Mostly due to your snobbish elitist attitudes that folks your age have in Houston. Most transplants from other states, and I'm only assuming you are because you object to this store going up, all gripe and moan about everything down here from Wal Mart to Whataburger to the point it makes you wonder why you all came here at all...oh wait..that's state income tax.

  4. Sorry ... just moderated this post, and noticed it hadn't been posted ... so, I posted Anonymous' Anonymous post. And I'm actually native Texan. Spent some time away from the state (not my choice ... i was a kid), but I've been back for awhile now.