Monday, November 8, 2010

Stuff Blows Up At A Walmart in Houston

News from a few days ago ...

A bottle apparently exploded at a Walmart in West Houston.   If this is the one that I'm thinking of, then I believe its in a pretty nice part of town.  Its right near Royal Oaks, and is a pretty big Supercenter.

My guess is, just some kids screwing around, but who knows ... I'm not the police.  News story says that it was placed somewhere out of site from any surveillance cameras, which makes it a bit 'fishy'.  Not saying that not having a store opened 24 hours would prevent this sort of thing, but late night hijinks would most likely be somewhat mitigated at a store that wasn't open 24 / 7.  Yes, I realize this was done at 1130pm.

Just thoughts people ...

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