Monday, November 8, 2010

The 'Community Action Network' Sent Out an Email

Subscribers of the 'Walmart Community Action Network' newsletter received an email in October.  The email had a subject of an article in it which read: 

Houston council OKs Heights Walmart agreement -- Houston Business Journal -- Walmart's plans to build in the Houston Heights area were approved this week!

So, Walmart claimed the 380 agreement, and called in the Heights Walmart ... The link in the email takes you to this breif news heading.   I love how it says 'Over Strong Neighborhood Objections.'  Thats funny.  Gosh, I had no idea the plans were already approved!  And I thought we had a whole permitting process and stuff to go through.  Gee willikers!

(The development has not been permitted yet, to my knowledge)

Also buried deep in the CAN (acronym!)website is the voting portion of the site ... sorry I'm a week or two late on this, but here you go anyway.  Will be interesting to see how involved they get in Houston this year ... big year coming up for the City of Houston.

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