Friday, December 2, 2011

Coming Soon to the Heights Plaza; Booze, Burgers, and Loans ... and Apartments?

Got an interesting email arrived in my inbox last night regarding the ORR development, which is the smaller development across the street from the proposed Walmart development. Bear in mind that anytime a big box opens up, there is bound to be any number of other strip centers and stores near it. In this case, the Orr develppment is not related to the Walmart development (Although at one time, I've been told they were all going to do the massive project(s) together).

So, the list of tennants on the ORR development goes something like this right now:

Smashburger (Burgers)
Jimmy Johns (Sandwiches)
Tutti Frutti (fruit related frozen yogurt)
Heights Liquors and Fine Wines (Booze)
Lovett Dental (mouthcare)
Aqua Cleaners (Cleaners)

The kicker that I wasn't aware of is that it also advertises 280 Apartments to be built on the adjacent 3+ acre plot, which can only be the big square of land between Yale and Heights bordering the RR Tracks on its south side.

Here's the text of the email:
Heights Marketplace is under construction and we have only 3 spaces left:

·        1,375/sf (25’ of frontage) between Smashburger and Jimmy Johns

·        1,139/sf (20’ of frontage) between Tutti Frutti and Batteries Plus

·        1,980/sf (36’ of frontage) between Batteries Plus and Loan Depot

·        55’ bay depth allows for maximum frontage

·        33’ high pylon signs on Yale @ Koehler and Heights Blvd. (great visibility to I-10)

·        280 upscale apartments will be built on the adjacent 3.52 acre “Tract A”

·        Dynamic new retail corridor

·        Super Wal-Mart under construction across the street, to open Fall 2012

·        Property has direct access to Yale, Heights and Koehler

·        Shell building delivered to tenants in late January 2012

·        New services roads and on/off ramps at I-10 and Yale/Heights to be completed by Spring 2012

·        Yale @ Koehler will become a signalized intersection

·        Join our dynamic tenant lineup….. Smashburger, Jimmy Johns, Aqua Cleaners, Tutti Frutti, Batteries Plus, Loan Depot, Great Clips, Heights Liquors and Fine Wines and Lovett Dental

And here's a link to the flyer from ORR:

Couple of other revealing things about the email and flyer:

-Starbucks on Koehler extension - News, but not surprised here. Have been wondering when they were going to open something up near Washington Ave. Shepherd and I-10 is apparently not close enough. But it is a virtual Starbucks desert in between Shepherd and downtown, given its saturation in other parts of the city.
-Verizon Store on Koehler - news ...
-Chase Bank in Walmart parking lot - which was known
-Taco Cabana in Walmart parking lot - Late night shoppers and Washington Ave bar patrons rejoice
-Heights marketplace to open in January 2012
-Walmart planned to open in Fall of 2012

At least we can be thankful that the Walmart will be here before the apocalypse.