Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Water Gets Sprayed Everywhere. Who's Paying for This?

I'm not an expert on demolition.  These were taken at about 7:30am, near the corner of Yale and Koehler street, 77007.  I left my street today to go to work, and saw this going on:

Thats a hose, coming from what looks to be a public fire hydrant, being used to spray down the demolition of the heights apartments.  The Heights apartments were bulldozed last week to make way for the development.

Here's another view:

And a close up of the hose on the hydrant.

Then I drove down Yale a bit, and found one more to the south:

So like the title says, who pays for this?  Is the public funding the demolition now?


  1. No, it's quite standard in large construction projects to get a hookup to a fire hydrant, for which one pays a bill, naturally.

  2. You see that orange thing connected to the hydrant? That's a water meter used by companies that need water for activities like demolition. They pay the city based on usage, just like the rest of us.

  3. From Jimbo on Swamplot
    "A little off topic, but to respond to the question in the linked blog post, the demolition contractor pays for the water. They apply for a permit from the City and then use hydrant water meters, the orange devices connected between the hoses and the hydrants. Then they pay for the amount they use. Not as much fun as a conspiracy I know."

  4. Thanks for the clarification folks ... naturally ...