Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And So It Begins ...

Its the Strip Center Sell Off of Height Boulevard! 

Here's a pic from the newest sign on the edge of the 'Development.'  This is on the West Side of Heights, just south of the little known Ainbinder property, occupying the land in between Yale and Heights Blvd.

A quick search of the name 'Megan Rombeau' and 'Houston' pulls up ORR Commercial .  The sign boasts '40,000 Square Feet, Coming Soon'.  152K + 40K = A lot of retail stuff ... and thats not including this other stuff  just to the north of it.  But I guess the historic transformation of the heights is in full effect, given that it may at least compliment the other strip centers on Heights blvd.

At least there is not another 380 incentivizing Another strip center on heights ... yet ...

And yes, we know ... 'Its not even in the heights' ... someone should start thinking of telling that to developers themselves.

I guess its good that the city is paying $6mil for a jogging trail ... now joggers can run back and forth in front of 2 Strip malls.


  1. STHW / RUDH should contact Orr to insist this shopping center include the same sustainability features that have been proposed for and included in the Walmart, for example,bigger trees, better lights with fully shielded fixtures, bio-swales and permeable paving. Bobby Orr is the owner; his e-mail address is Joan Collum with ORR is also a partner in this project. Her e-mail address is