Friday, September 10, 2010

Mayor Parker is Coming To My Neighborhood ...

Mayor Annise Parker went on NPR Houston yesterday, and said she is going to be 'knocking on some doors in that neighborhood' ... 'That Neighborhood' being the West End ...

"I do intend this weekend to knock on a few doors over in that neighborhood to see if I can actually have a productive conversation with the folks along Koehler Street, Bass Street, the other streets in the neighborhood that are admittedly going to have some direct impact from what is a major development nearby. But we have asked in a number of different ways for input from the people who are actually on these streets what they'd like to see happen and the response tends to be, just make it go away, and that's not going to happen." 

The Agenda for City Council, and supporting documents for votes is supposed to be published the Friday before, which means that the Mayor's office is proposing a 380 for the development already, which has the city's requirements already in it.   

Granted, the 380 could be 'tagged', which would delay it a week or so.  We'll see what happens next week. 

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