Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going to City Hall Today

Whooo Wheee ... big day today.  380 on the City Council Agenda for the first time, and we get to go to City Hall to have a sit down with the mayor.  Super Fun.

Couple of interesting articles coming out in the last few days.

Lisa Falkenberg decided to talk to some folks on my street the other day.  I emailed her after I read this, and told her if she ever did want to talk, then we'd be open to it.  Her response was basically 'if she wrote about it again, then she'd call.'

Then There's this doozy ... and so bold that they obviously wanted to have their name on it ... or not ...

Lastly, some actual reason and rational, because 'knowledge is good' ...  Off the Kuff ... about sums it up better than I can.

We'll have some more better responses (yes, I wrote 'more better') coming out soon enough.  I'd rather just take the time to make some educated writings rather than just answering from the hip.

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  1. Yeah, I live in one of the 'tenant shacks' off Maxie, and I don't have a sign because I don't know where to get one. I couldn't find an email here either. How do you get in touch with the anti-wal-mart group? I'd like to have a sign and get more involved. How do I do that?