Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mayor Parker Came To My House

The mayor, some staffers, CM Gonzalez, CM Costello, and a security detail came to my house today. They stayed for about 30 minutes. We invited them in, and had a conversation about traffic, Koehler street, Yale, etc.

Couple of notes:
-It's unclear whether or not there will be a light at Koehler and Yale. The city has to finish traffic studies, and the distance between the impending light at the future feeder road and Yale may be too short.

-Ainbinder is proposing a right hand turning lane on their property, connected to Yale, which will help southbound traffic get into the front of the development.

-There was no solution for how northbound traffic may get into the development from Yale. It may be only on Koehler but it's not certain until traffic studies are done.

-The city is negotiating an operating agreement as well that may restrict truck traffic to only Yale street off the feeder, but this is nowhere near being finalized.

Mayor Parker also commented that she thought the 380 would be tagged this week, and that a lot of the feedback she had received today had been asking for the store to not be a walmart.

Interesting afternoon, and I'm happy that my dogs did not act too crazy while they were here. They tend to be very loud when guests come.

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