Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The City of Houston is Doing Something Traffic Related

It looks as if the CoH placed traffic counters last Friday (the Friday before the holiday weekend).
As of this morning, the traffic counters are still out and about.

Here's a look at the one on my street:

Perhaps the city is finally addressing the traffic concerns, which is what we've been making a big stink about for the past few weeks already.  I've found traffic counters in the following locations around the neighborhood:

Of course, this traffic count by the CoH comes after the planning commission decided to go ahead and pass the variance, which opens up the connection of Koehler Street to Heights Blvd through Yale.  CM Gonzalez asked for the Planning commission to deny the variance, based on no available traffic data to the public.  You'd think that this would be good data to have before making such decisions.

This map is not official, blah blah, but these are the ones I've seen from driving around.  If there are others, feel free to let me know, and I'll add them.

Anyway, RUDH commissioned a traffic count the last week of August, which coincided with the start of HISD (= More accurate count than a holiday weekend).  You can find the details of those counts here.

The problems that I voiced concerns about in July still have not been addressed by the City, or the developer.  I guess its good that they're doing so now, but Andy Icken already said at the last meeting that they're going to put the 380 in front of City Council next week.

Here's the original map that I put together to illustrate this:

The Red indicates the only through streets that will border this development.  Bass St is proposed to be connected (I think) to the Feeder.  The Light Blue are Future roads.  The Green are the big roads around the development that are all rather 'well traveled'.

So, we have a variance passed without a traffic study, and traffic counts being taken barely a week before this is supposed to go in front of City Council for a vote, and who knows when we'll get those numbers out.

**UPDATE** 7 Sep 2010 - 3pm
Just got a note from one of the local news outlets;  They've spoken with CoH Public Works, who confirms that the City is presently NOT conducting a traffic survey ... ?????

Sooooooo, why are the counters out?


  1. Additional traffic counters: On Washington between Yale & Heights & also in front of Rockefeller and Satori near Heights Washington intersection. I think I've noticed a few others on Washington that are west of the one you marked on the map but I could be wrong.

  2. Thanks for the input! Love Gruene Hall!