Friday, August 20, 2010

CultureMap 'Unveiled' an Article

Culture Map unveiled an article about the newly dubbed 'Washington Heights' project.

From the article:

The project, called Washington Heights, is planned for 23 acres near the southwest corner of Yale Street and Koehler, just south of Interstate 10 and the Heights community. Much of the project will be located on industrial land vacant land that formerly was the site of a Trinity Industries steel fabrication plant.
“We are going to take this land from a factory site to a fairly upscale development,” said developer Bart Duckworth, principal in the Houston-based Ainbinder firm.
Washington Heights will also spread onto land Ainbinder is acquiring on Heights Boulevard, south of the freeway. An old apartment project there will be demolished to make way for the new retail space, Duckworth said.

Also from the Article: 
Gilliam hopes to attract chef-driven restaurants, local boutiques and non-chain outlets to the retail space on Yale and Heights Boulevard, as an extension of the restaurant development that has occurred along Washington Avenue in recent years.
“We have really made an effort to reach out to the Houston, and also to Texas cities including, Austin, to see who that is out there would best serve this community,” Gilliam said. “We want shops that are unique and add to the community.”

Apparently it seems the plan is to extend Washington Avenue into the heights, except when you stumble out of a 'chef driven restaurant' at 2 in the morning, you will be able to shop for that new towel you really needed. 
Interestingly enough, the article addresses ground water contamination.  Additionally, it addresses the targeted amount of the much discussed '380' agreement, and puts it at $6million USD.
There is not a mention of traffic, or crime, other than to note its been brought up by the community.  There is also no mention of watershed issues. 

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