Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Guy Said 'Unfortunate' and 'Disingenuous'

I got on the news tonight.  Sorry my shirt collar was wrinkled ... had no idea a news guy was going to ask for an interview today, and I do have a normal job when I'm not speaking on the fact that they are building a walmart on my street.

1:28 into the Video Here, Walmart rolls out this guy ...

Really?  Disingenuous, Really?  I doubt he can even spell that ... hell, I had to look it up myself.

Walmart knows who I am.  I sent their PR lady an email, gave her my phone number and address weeks ago, and I told her if she wanted to talk, then fire away.  I guess the group should take it as a compliment that we've gotten such a response from them.  After all, they make eleventy billion dollars a year.

Bravo to you all for supporting everything and being so damn vocal.  Really, its pretty freakin awesome.

Took off the bit about chewing gum.  Was informed by a reader today that this particular spokesman has a speech impediment.  If that is the case, then all apologies.

I respect that they have a job to do as PR people.  That said, I'm not advocating for an employer, I'm working to protect my family, my home, and my neighborhood.  I don't do PR full time, but I am a full time Houstonian, and proud to be one.

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