Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Email Our City Government

Email Addresses for some important folks in this process - And if you do email them, don't be an idiot ... seriously, email them respectfully, and ask for their help and support in this.  Sure, they're our elected leaders, and they've gotten their with at least some level of professionalism and respect, so please return the favor in this.  We don't need to be a blight on their response to the Wal-Mart debacle ...

Mayor Annise Parker - Mayor of Houston

Mr. Ed Gonzalez - City Council District H

Mr. Ronald C. Green - City Controller

Judge Ed Emmett - Harris County Judge

Mr. Stephen C. Costello - City Council At Large Position 1

Ms. Sue Lovell - City Council at Large Position 2

Ms. Melissa Noriega - City Council at Large Position 3 

Mr. C.O. "Brad" Bradford - City Council at Large Position 4

Ms. Jolanda "Jo" Jones - City Council at Large Position 5

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