Friday, July 2, 2010

They Are Building a Wal-Mart on My Street - 0 Hour + 1 Day ...

Last night, the news broke all across my household that Wal Mart was moving in right up the road.  Its sort of groundbreaking really, in that Wal Mart generally does not target the urban jungle, but prefers to stay in the nether regions of the concrete fortress of Houston.

But, as the faster, cleaner, stepbrother of Wal Mart, Target, has succesfully ventured into the madness, so to must follow the bigger, richer, suburban vortex of Wal Mart.  The major difference is, Target targeted an underutilized and aging warehouse district to plow and rebuild the lighted mecca of big box shopping for the hip and urban cool crowd, whereas Wal Mart has apparently chosen to target my backyard.

Don't get me wrong ... my neighborhood needs a facelift, and its getting there ... slowly but surely.  Hell, I'm not even all too afraid of Wal Mart.  I am afraid of what its going to do to my neigborhood, property values, people it attracts, etc.

Thus, this blog will be about all things Inner Loop, Heights, West End, Houston, Wal Mart related, and what can be done to stop it.

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