Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mayor Parker Responds via Email ...

To FB User Trisha Price Kincaid, and reposted on Stop The Heights Walmart FB Page ... 

Dear Ms. Kincaid: I want to clarify that the City is negotiating with the developer rather than with any individual retailer, including Wal Mart, in terms of the development proposed for the property at Yale and Koehler. The property has been assembled by the current owner fo...r a major retail venture. When that moves forward, there will be a careful review for impact on traffic, mobility and city infrastructure. I am encouraging the developer and Wal Mart or any retailer interested in being part of the development to open dialogue with the Greater Heights and Washington Avenue Super Neighborhoods 15 and 22 as well as other neighborhood groups and civic clubs in that area so that neighborhood concerns, including yours, may be heard.


So my question now is, what is the city 'negotiating with the developer' for?  Anytime a developer, regardless of the retail anchor, asks of the city, then they ask of the city's people.  More realistically, they ask of the city's taxpayers ... thus, this is well justified as a community issue. 


  1. This is just sleight of hand. If they negotiate incentives with the land-owner, those incentives get passed onto the potential buyer. Why the subterfuge?